About KIT Consultants

Our History

KIT Consultants LLC was established in 2008 as a way to legally & professionally provide computer systems support to Small Businesses during the founderís time away from a full-time IT Manager position. Over time and mostly through word of mouth, KIT has gained the trust of enough clients to become a viable entity in the northeast Ohio IT Marketplace. From inception through 2015, KIT has not been promoted in any way...until now.


The decision has been made to make all available resources dedicated full-time to making KIT a success. We are officially 'Open for Business' and seeking new relationships.

Approach / Philosophy

We listen, we ask tough questions and we listen some more. Buying technology is not like buying a refrigerator and plugging it in. Technology initiatives have to be aligned with business goals; successful projects start with a thorough understanding of objectives and details.

While implementing the latest-greatest technology can be a good thing, we believe in a more down-to-earth approach. Every initiative will be reviewed to ensure it adds to your businessí bottom line and provides a positive return on investment. We donít believe in spending 2 dollars to save 1 dollar. KIT will not sell something just to increase our bottom line - our reputation is built on providing lasting solutions. Sustainability is achieved through repeat business.


'KIT Consultants has been servicing the needs of our business for over a decade. KIT has always made our, small family owned, business feel as if we are the most important client they have. KIT has always exceeded any expectation weíve had. Their expertise brought our company into the 21st century and continues to keep us connected to the world. FIVE out FIVE Stars!'
David Fesz
S.V.F. Sales Co., Ltd